• Anger,
    if you spill it out, it hurt others.
    if you spill it in, it hurt yourself
  • we always criticize the results, when the results are no more changeable..
  • Be a mountain.. the wind never moves a mountain, but it plays with sand, shaping it as it wishes.
  • no matter how hard we try, there’s always soft spot that fragile..
  • if we afraid to move our feet to make a single step forward,
    then we’ll never been a progress person.. :)life is a journey, so keep traveling..
  • if this life as simple as dealing with ABC, 
    then, there will no more stranded people, craving for food.. if this life as simple as counting 1 to 10, 
    then, there will no stupid and dumb person straying on earth..if this life as simple as blink an eye, 
    then, we don’t even have to move to get what we need..but, this life is a period, where we have to try, struggle, sacrifice a lot of things, do a lot of hard works.. if.. if.. we are really hope to get Allah blessing now and then..
  • revise yourself, where you came from.. 
    extend your view, make prediction where you’ll be..
    then, set your feet right, as it can change the path you’ll been..
  • don’t be dull and idle, as it will kill the heart and make your life as corpse..when you want to do something, make it worth, not make it waste, as you use a lot of effort to do so..always pause to reflect, because evil always come first..
  • How to find calmness in calamities? 
    Go mix with societies!
  • satu ujian, terkandung hikmah,
    seratus prasangka harus diketepikan,
    seribu usaha, jangan lemah,
    sejuta doa wajib dipanjatkan!
  • if we keep complaining on the rocks that keep obstacle us throught the mountain climbing, didn’t we realize that the mountain is made up from those rocks that obstacle us? [mean, each success is made up of huge amount of obstacles..]
  • ‎”..don’t deprive others hope..
    maybe thats all they have..”
  • when you want to climb a mountain, aim for the peak, don’t ever disturbed by the surrounding rocks, don’t think them as obstacles, rather make them as steps to reach the highest peak.. just beware of the steps.. soon enough, we can reach there.. 

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