Berikut merupakan beberapa turutan hari yang menarik pada tahun ini.. 

AKU [28|8|2011]


The Sealed Nectar

Setiap tahun, apabila masuk tarikh 28 ogos, memang selalu dinantikan. Mana taknya, that’s my birthday day, just want to make count on how much years I had lived. Currently, I had live for 20 years. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah SWT. Each time, when everybody talk about birthday, usually about what present do we get, what celebration did we do and so on. I still remember when I was kid, about 3 or 4 years old, usually we celebrate with cake. (zaman budak2 katakan..) then, when I getting older, the celebration change, how adult celebrate. It’s not important now about the cake actually (although sometimes its really nice to have it), just enough for myself to know the day I first face this world. I not expect others to give me present, as I know I didn’t hope it at all. So, for this year, just to make this day memorable, I went to Cairo just to buy myself my own birthday present. “The Sealed Nectar” (ArRaheeq AlMakhtum) just my only aim for the travel. Instead of cake or whatever, better to have book. (kan3..). By the way, its really important to state here that I’m just 20 years old, that’s what I’m trying to tell everybody when they keep assume my age wrong. (mude lgi, oke…). 

RAYA [30|8|2011]

Eid 1432H

This year is my first time celebrating Eid Fitri without my beloved family. I decided this from last year exceli, not sudden death decision. Yeah, sometimes we have to mix with the societies, as we live in other’s country, so we have at least try to celebrate the way they were. So, this time I know how the celebration of Eid in Egypt (Zagazig especially, as I not go to Cairo.. malas ah..) Sape kate raye kat mesir xbest, best pe.. As long as we have our friends as our adopted family (haha.. I don’t know how I get this term), so we can be happy as at Malaysia already. But, in some point, we can’t compete about the ‘juadah raya’. Yelah, mana la mampu nk lawan masakan mak, yg dah hyperterer bab masak, lebih2 lagi juadah raya.. tetapi, apa2 pun, open house tetap ade. Duit raye jer yg xdapat.

MERDEKA [31|8|2011]


31 Ogos di Malaysia merupakan satu tarikh yg semua orng tahu, iaitu hari kemerdekaan Malaysia. (ye ke?). Ini merupakan satu isu yang patut diketahui oleh semua orang, apa yang sebenarnya yang berlaku pada tarikh dan zaman tersebut. I’m not telling you to re-read History Form 5 text book, because some part of it are corrupted, so the other alternative is search the web, there we can able to get access what really happen at that moment. Actually, its not about British left Tanah Malayu like a fool, because if we simply think, they came across the ocean, try to invade this land, then eventually give freedom to us. Looks like they had reach their actual mission, not the mission to get the valuable herbs in this land only, but their aim “Gold, Gospel and Glory” is their aim and mission. So, what about the freedom? As they put their feet on this land, they tried and perfectly managed to form a “son” from Malayan citizen, to continue what they had done, as they leave this land. Sebab tu la dpt merdeka, sbb dorng dah dapat lahirkan satu kelompok manusia dari kalangan Tanah Melayu sendiri yang sekepala dengan meraka. Isu ini telah banyak terbongkar, dengan bukti nama Malaysia yang telah dibentangkan oleh seorang Professor di Universiti Harvard, pembongkaran berkenaan dengan tokoh-tokoh pejuang tanah air pada masa dahulu, siapa sebenarnya pejuang, siapa pembelot. So, what can we do now? Biasa orng kata, “jangan biarkan sejarah berulang..”. Actually, I not really agree with this statement, as history have a good and bad. It better to say, “Sejarah yang baik perlu diulang, sejarah yang buruk dijadikan iktibar..”. Sejarah yang patut diulang ialah kegemilangan Islam pada suatu ketika dahulu, zaman Khilafah Islam. Itu yang patut diulang. Sejarah yang patut dijadikan iktibar ialah apabila jatuhnya kerajaan Turki Uthmaniyyah.

PEPERIKSAAN [04|09|2011]


countdown exam

This year also is my first time I have to seat for repeat exam final year. Its kind of shocking news, as I not expect it as that bad. But, what I can do, that’s all Allah pre-ordaintment. I just have to accept it, not to blame anyone, just blame myself on my fault. Exam dur thani bukan calang-calang exam, kalau x lepas exam ni, walau satu subjek pun, xbleh naik tahun 4 (pergh..scary seyh..). So, nak x nak, kene bukak balik buku, cari balik nota-nota exam yang lepas (nasib baik dah simpan leklok dalam satu fail, cam tau2 jer kene bukak balik..). kemas balik meja study, n all the stuff related. Tetapi, it’s kind of hard to concentrate, as Eid celebration and this not exam-mood-period-that-everyone-face. I’m one from minority group that have to study, as other “lepaking” and thinking what they want to do with their times. Apapun, I really appreaciate my friends around that really know, always give me support, give me charity (eh?), and diverge my tasks. Thanks also to my family kat Malaysia that always pray for me.. (terharu pulak..).  



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